Testing new headers

I got some custom headers for use in Arduino shields today, and tested them out tonight. Seems to be pretty much ideal.

After the soldering, I decided to attack a problem that a customer asked me about. He's working on a Mustang and wants to use ShiftBrites to make a Knight Rider style scanner (2008 TV show version). I wrote some code, it allows any chain length divisible by two, any solid or mixed color, and custom leading and trailing gradients. Here's the relevant post on the Arduino forum. A YouTube video is below:

Update: I moved the controller to a larger LED bar and updated the code a little bit:

Submitted by Garrett on Sat, 01/10/2009 - 05:58.

Are you going to make those

Are you going to make those shields available for order? they seem like they would be very convenient...

Thanks for asking...yes,

Thanks for asking...yes, I'll have them in the store within a month. I made that board a few months ago and hardly thought about it, but I do use it all the time.

awesome! I'm looking forward

awesome! I'm looking forward to that... I was looking at the traces on the board. do I see the ground on the input connected to the ground on the arduino? any particular reason for that?