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RGB LED Shades Kit


These things are super cool, but they have a pretty fatal flaw: the copper contacts corrode when they are exposed to sweat, breaking the glasses permanently. And you probably sweat more from the bridge of your nose than you might think. I've now had to replace several LEDs and install leads into the through-holes because they no longer conduct electricity at all. Macetech support never replied to any of my emails, either, but fortunately my housemate is an electrical engineer and he helped me out. If I hadn't had someone around to help me, these would have lasted exactly one use.

So if you're planning to use this anywhere but a very cool, air-conditioned environment, you need to either conformal coat the back of the PCB before you put them on for the first time (why they don't come conformal coated, I've no idea) or add some sweat-absorbing pads.

** Response from macetech 04/22/2017: We are adding conformal coat to our upcoming batches of RGB Shades. This is the second report of corrosion we've received out of the hundreds of RGB Shades sold, but we don't like the risk of it either and are taking steps to reduce the chance it could happen. We only have one received email on file from you and it was responded to on July 27th, 2016. Apologies if our email system caused the email to go into your spam box, that happens occasionally. We will re-send the email and hopefully be able to resolve any further issue.
Date Added: 04/21/2017 by Morgan Harris
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