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LED Matrix Shades - Blue

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The product concept is too good.... Was always thinking why such kind of products not in the market.
The improvement ideas are:
1) All the pins and switches in the sides (both sides) can be hidden inside some casing so that there is minimum damage (in the crowded parties etc). May be you can name the brand RaveMatrix or so and mention that on the casing, to promote the brand.
2) The Frame can me made available in different colors.
3) Shape can be made available in different frames
4) On the front side (LEDs) you may cover the same with plastic or glass lens. Or you can even give the option for clear (as it is). The reason for the cover is - in case of rain, water or champagne spray etc - the lights and the circuits will not be affected and durability will increase
5) Can keep one mode in which the messages (or patterns in LEDs) change as per the motion (motion sensor activated, jut like in some of the glow sticks where you can change the color depending on the movements). So in this case a person need not always change using the buttons too
6) May be Nose pas options can be provided for the comfort
7) May be some threading or buckle space etc can be provided, so that the glasses can be tied so that the glasses dont fall down (in the crowded parties or dancing), as these glasses are heavily priced, and no one will be happy to see them get damaged (now that can be optional hole, n black thread, elastic wires or thin rubber strands etc which will be invisible between hairs, but yet effective in holding it safe)
8) The product has a great potential. May be you can get one basic version (not programmable) and another programmable ones. And cost of both the items can be reduced so that general public also can buy the same (and you make profit by bulk sales).
Its a revolutionary thing. I have seen lot of other videos in net with other prototypes, but this product looks cool and had a good future :)
Great going.....
Good luck
Date Added: 08/05/2013 by Prashanth RM
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