Splashproof WS2812B LED Pixel Strip 0.5m, 60/m


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This is the new version of the WS2811-compatible LED strip. The LEDs have four pins instead of six, and are slightly brighter than the older strips. The exact same code and wiring will work, but the pinout is changed from the older strips.

These LED strips have 60 individually controllable super-bright LEDs per meter, and we're selling these by the half-meter. They're a convenient way to get a lot of RGB pixels glowing with minimal wiring and cost. Strips can be cut with scissors at every single LED...this means you can cut each half-meter strip into 30 independent pixels, or to the exact length required by your project. Only three wires run through each strip: power, ground, and data.

Each LED has its own controller chip, embedded inside the LED itself. The red, green, and blue elements of each LED can be set to individual brightnesses of 0 to 255 PWM counts, corresponding to 0% to 100% brightness. This means each pixel is capable of 24-bit color.

Controlling the LEDs is fairly timing-intensive. If you are using an Arduino, you will need to use one of the available WS2811 libraries that have an assembly language driver for the LEDs. Faster controllers will likely have fewer problems, as long as reliable sub-microsecond I/O timing is possible.

Your order will be delivered in one continuous length up to 4 meters; 4 meter increments will be delivered on a spool. Sections of 1/2 meter are lap-soldered, which may offset the pixel spacing by small amounts along the strip.

This version of the strip has a clear silicone rubber covering. Full spools will also have sealed endcaps and wires; smaller sections of strip will be open on the ends and will need to be sealed with silicone caulk in order to be fully waterproof.

Pixels per meter: 60 WS2812B RGB 5050
PWM bit depth: 8 bits per color, 24 bits total
Mask color: white
Pixel pitch: 16.67mm or 0.656 inches
Power: 5V, max 1.8A per 1/2 meter
Waterproof covering: yes
Adhesive backing: no

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