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The OctoBar is a 24-channel constant current LED controller with 10-bit PWM on each channel. The channels are capable of sinking up to 150mA each at 17V, but are preset to 100mA for use with the Satellite S-001 RGB LED array.

We now do 100% testing of all OctoBars...guaranteed working when we put them in the box!

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This product essentially replaces eight ShiftBar LED controllers, but is much easier to wire up and mount in the final application. It replaces the function of $64-$70 worth of previous macetech products, while improving usability.

Eight modular RJ14/RJ25 telephone jacks make it easy to connect Satellite S-001 arrays to the OctoBar. Modular cables are readily available in convenient lengths, and are also easy and cheap to construct. These jacks greatly increase the speed of constructing a large system, and significantly reduce the risk of incorrect wiring. Older products use screw terminals, requiring that each cable be stripped and the wires carefully installed in the correct order on both ends of the cable. That can be convenient for smaller or special installations, but the modular jacks are almost a requirement for large systems.

The OctoBar represents a new level of usability and design consideration for macetech products. A MOSFET-based power polarity protection circuit prevents destruction of the board due to accidental reversed power. An indicator light will activate when power is connected correctly. Ample mounting holes are provided for secure installation.

Functionally, the OctoBar can be treated as eight ShiftBrite or ShiftBar devices in series, accessed as an 8 x 32 bit shift register. The connector is the same, and the OctoBar will work with existing ShiftBrite connections and shields. The output of the last LED controller chip is available to allow chaining of multiple OctoBar devices, or even other macetech products like the ShiftBar or ShiftBrite on the same control bus.

Sample Applications

Maker Faire Bay Area 2011: 128 lantern audio reactive pixel ceiling

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