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The Shifty VU Shield provides easy connection and filtering of audio input for the purpose of developing sound-reactive Arduino projects. It rectifies and smooths stereo audio from a 3.5mm jack, and provides ready to use voltage levels on the Arduino analog pins 2 and 3.

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Due to the wide range of possible audio input levels, many options have been provided for scaling the analog inputs correctly. The ADC external reference can be jumpered to 3.3V or to the wiper terminal of a user-supplied potentiometer. If the jumper is removed, the Arduino internal 1.2V reference can be used. Also, each channel has an adjustment potentiometer to fine tune the input levels and balance any offset. A typical useful setup would have the internal reference enabled and both trimpots set to their center positions.

You may also be interested in the 3.5mm Y-cable Stereo Splitter.

The Shifty VU shield also has an external power terminal and ShiftBrite header, creating a complete solution for driving ShiftBrites, MegaBrites, or ShiftBars in response to music.

For maximum flexibility, the shield is shipped without the Arduino headers soldered. Female passthrough headers are included with purchase, to be soldered by the user if desired.

This product is constructed with RoHS-compliant components and lead-free solder.

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