24AWG Thin (2.5mm) Power-only USB cable

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RGB Shades sold from this website after January 12th, 2016 already include this cable.

This is our custom-made special USB power-only cable for the RGB Shades and the Shades Audio Sensor. It does NOT contain data wires, but does have two 24AWG power wires for demanding applications like the RGB Shades. If you connect these to a USB device, it will NOT show up on your computer, it will only receive power.

These cables were developed to reduce power supply ripple on the RGB Shades due to the high current required by the LEDs. It's 2.5mm in diameter and 1.5 meters long (5ft), perfect for powering the RGB Shades from a USB battery pack in your pocket. One end has a molded USB mini-B male plug and the other end has molded USB A male plug.

Our Shades Audio Sensor uses analog amplification and is sensitve to power supply problems. This custom power-only cable greatly reduces cable voltage drop and stabilizes the RGB Shades power supply.

Until mid-January, the RGB Shades kits included a very thin (2mm diameter) USB cable. While it did have power and data wires, actual use as a data-carrying USB cable was unreliable. In order to resolve the above power supply problems and still have a thin, wearable cable, we developed a power-only cable that can handle plenty of current but is still only 2.5mm in diameter.

RGB Shades sold from the macetech.com website after January 12th, 2016 automatically include this power-only cable as well as a short USB data cable for programming, so you will not need to purchase it unless you already have RGB Shades with the older thin cable and want to use the Shades Audio Sensor.

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