StripDriver (WS2811 module for RGB Strips)


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The StripDriver was designed for a large lighting installation in a desert. Some modules are leftover; it's possible that this will be part of our regular product lineup in the future.

Each StripDriver module has a WS2811 chip; easy to drive with one control wire from an Arduino, FadeCandy, or any number of other WS2811/WS2812 driver modules avaiable. They can be chained up to 10 meters apart. Normally WS2811 chips can only handle 5V supplies and control 20mA LED current. The StripDriver amplifies the WS2811 LED outputs through transistors to switch at least 1.5 amps per color channel. This is enough to power 4 to 5 meters of 60px/m RGB strip or 8-10 meters of 30px/m RGB strip running at 12 volts. The controller could handle 24 or 30 volt strips also, if you can find them.

The StripDriver power, data, and ground connectors are large because these are designed to daisy chain without any additional wiring of power busses required. The StripDriver can pass up to 20 amps between the two connectors. They are TE/AMP Mate-n-Lok or Uni-Mate connectors. The housings and terminals are fairly cheap:

The terminals are easily crimped with an inexpensive tool:

Since the initial application required a lot of modules in series, we cut up extension cords and crimped on the connectors. If you don't need a lot of cables or high current, much smaller wires will work.

Some of these devices were out in the desert to be used as spares, and may have some dust on them. Some have a small 4-pin header to directly plug into an LED strip, and a few don't.

We have some LED Strips that have plugs to connect directly to the StripDrivers without soldering:

These items are sold as-is, but expected to be in fully working condition.

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