Dings and Dents

This section of our store is dedicated to weird, useless, awesome, used, broken, or misplaced items. You'll find old projects, closeout macetech products, dev boards, tools, scavenged parts, extra prototypes of current products and maybe some that never made it to production. Some of it will be cool, some of it will be junk. Some of it might be test-market for upcoming products. Most of it is very limited quantity and will be gone when it's gone.

Product Image Price- Item Name
StripDriver (WS2811 module for RGB Strips) $7.99


StripDriver (WS2811 module for RGB Strips)

The StripDriver was designed for a large lighting installation in a desert. Some modules are leftover; it's possible that this will be part of...
WS2811 12V Clear Dome Pixels (20pcs) $29.99


WS2811 12V Clear Dome Pixels (20pcs)

This is a string of 20 domed LED modules, each containing one WS2811 controller IC and three bright RGB LEDs. The string runs on 12V and works with...

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