TGIMBOEJ: Microbox


What happens when you mix electronics, chain-letters, and awkward acronyms? You get TGIMBOEJ, or The Great Internet Migratory Box Of Electronics Junk. A nefarious plot to obtain more junk under the guise of giving away junk, hatched up by Windell at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories (with whom I occasionally cross paths at TechShop).

The idea is to recieve a TGIMBOEJ, pick out some interesting parts, put some more of your own electronics miscellany back in the box, and send it along to the next person. There are now several boxes circulating; you can track their progress and get yourself on the request list by visting the TGIMBOEJ wiki. Be warned there's a little vandalism on that site, so it may not be what you expect by the time you visit.

I received "Microbox" last week and finally got around to uploading all the pics to Flickr. A few choice photos are featured below, but I'd recommend visiting the photoset and using my mouseover notes to check out all the cool junk.

TGIMBOEJ ArrivalTGIMBOEJ Attacked!TGIMBOEJ My ContributionsTGIMBOEJ Mini Pack

Submitted by Garrett on Sat, 07/19/2008 - 03:09.

Yeah, my garage is full of

Yeah, my garage is full of those boxes. Mostly, computer parts, CPUs , etc... What i'll do, i'll simply donate them to a e-recycling company...

Anyone see my bike?

Anyone see my bike?