It worked, ok?

Homebrew PCB saw with dust removal

This was pretty ugly. I needed to cut a bunch of copper-clad FR4 into thin strips for my LED array project. 144 1/4" strips, to be precise. I wasn't going to use the metal shear at TechShop, since fiberglass is pretty abrasive. I was also worried the pinching effect would wrap copper around the edges and short the two sides. Anyway, I lashed together a mini table saw with a Dremel, diamond wheel, hot glue, plywood, and duct tape. Note the Shop Vac dust removal system. It actually worked quite well, cutting about 120 feet of PCB material and I didn't notice any decline in cutting ability.

Later, Xeni from BoingBoing dropped by TechShop to film a BBTV spot. She toured the shop, played with some machines, and talked to a bunch of TechShop members who were working on various projects. Fun stuff like a circle of dominoes that set themselves up and are knocked down endlessly, or intricate candle-powered wood mobiles made on the laser cutter. Also interviewed me about the LED array and ShiftBrite stuff. They had a lot of stuff to see, and the BBTV videos are usually pretty short, so I expect to get a soundbite or two if that.

Oh, here's a photo of some of the PCB strips arranged on top of the LED array:

PCB strips

Submitted by Garrett on Sun, 04/27/2008 - 01:18.