RGB LED Shades Kickstarter Launched

After a lot of work and frustration, we've finally launched the RGB LED Shades on Kickstarter!

"We're excited to announce our newest piece of wearable electronics: RGB LED Shades! They're colorful, bright, hackable, and the pinnacle of conversation-starting technology. A fun way to learn programming and electronics, yet just as entertaining for experienced tinkerers. But if you need a stunning fashion accessory without writing code, they're pre-loaded with dazzling patterns out of the box!"

Submitted by Garrett on Thu, 09/25/2014 - 17:29.

Wow its look great but i

Wow its look great but i really dont understand about the purpose of this glasses. What we do after wearing them.

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Go out...meet people...have

Go out...meet people...have fun...go home...write code...repeat!

Awesome! Definitely in "shut

Awesome! Definitely in "shut up and take my money" territory.

Hi - where are the open

Hi - where are the open source files for the LED glasses, as mentioned in the Kickstarter writeup?


We promised to put them up

We promised to put them up after the Kickstarter was done (about 5 days in the future still), we're working on it!

Great video, Garrett!

Great video, Garrett!