Hacking the RGB Shades

We've got a new article over on Makezine today, showing how I added an audio-detection circuit to both the RGB Shades and the LED Matrix Shades. The result was REALLY cool and finally used the extra pins I'd made available on both designs. Audio detection is just the beginning...I have a few more ideas for sensors to add to LED Shades, and it would be great to see your suggestions. They might make it into another video!

Anyway, head on over the Makezine to see the full article: Hacking the Macetech RGB Shades

Submitted by Garrett on Fri, 07/18/2014 - 23:15.

Hi Garrett, I would like to

Hi Garrett,

I would like to order these Sound active shades (preferably the RGB Shades but also possible the LED Matrix Shades). I need them asap :/. Please write me if and when I could get them.

KR Alex