LEDs and Tacos: macetech's new home in 2014

Last month, we announced that we'd be moving from California to Texas. I'm happy to report that the move was successful, and macetech is already resuming operations and shipping orders!

Most of the macetech activities are now located in Garland, TX; a city on the eastern outskirts of Dallas. We're hoping that the Midwestern location will improve shipping speeds for more of the USA, while reducing operating costs. We'll miss Foster City's great weather and proximity to Maker Faire, but enjoy some truly excellent brisket taco shops! All without having to give up In-N-Out.

We rented a 26' moving truck and did the driving with the help of our friends Matt and Karl. Our route took us over I-10 to avoid bad weather and some of the mountains...as it was, the truck struggled to maintain 35mph over some of the steeper hills. The total route was about 1850 miles and took us three days of driving. The only adventures were a radiator leak in the Jeep, and an RV driver at a truck stop who tried to convince us it was necessary to lay one of the fuel nozzles on the ground if we didn't have two diesel tanks. Mostly hours of intense boredom with occasional moments of weirdness.

No Instagram filter there, just an old Polaroid camera and expired film.

We're unpacking the macetech store stock and prototyping lab, and expect to have plenty of new and exciting projects to show off soon. First, the main question everyone has: yes, we'll be making more LED Shades. We'll also be increasing the selection of colors, and have other improvements and variations in the pipeline.

Our next product series will allow easy and fast control of large amounts of LED pixels or high current LED strips, over long distances using a simple wired interface. The prototypes and initial production have already been torture-tested in harsh desert conditions with no problems. Our goal is to make it easy to set up any desired combination of pixel and strip lighting without being constrained to specific distances or shapes. Here are some prototypes and a 26' tall wooden structure in which they were successfully implemented (Quasicrystalline Conjunction by Rob Bell):

Thanks to all of our customers over the years, your purchases, questions, and feedback have all been greatly appreciated! We're excited to see where we'll be at the end of 2014, and hope to see some great projects using our designs!

Submitted by Garrett on Mon, 12/30/2013 - 01:24.