Free Day Deals

SparkFun is doing it again! Tomorrow (January 13th, 2011) they will be giving away $150,000 worth of free electronics hardware to whoever is lucky enough to access their servers during the inevitable Internet stampede on their website. We talked to a couple of their IT people at Maker Faire New York, and they're optimistic about the steps they were planning even four months ago...still, it'll be an amazing accomplishment if their site weathers the storm unaffected.

In any case, we hope that some of you electronics hobbyists out there manage to place your order, and get some cool stuff for your next project. Remember that several macetech products are available at SparkFun: the ShiftBrite, MegaBrite, ShiftBar, and Satellite Module 001. If you snag some of our products during Free Day, feel free to contact us for any help you need getting your LED product blinking and glowing.

Additionally, we will be running a special deal on our own site! We aren't big enough to give away lots of stuff, but we can help complete your project by giving away some free accessories. So here's the deal:

Starts: 12:00am Pacific time (midnight) Thursday, January 13th
Ends: 12:00am Pacific time (midnight) Sunday, January 16th (does not include Sunday!)

Buy any combination of ShiftBrites, MegaBrites, or ShiftBars, and we'll give you an equal number of 6-conductor cables 11.25" or shorter, FREE! Simply add a comment to the order specifying which cables you would like.

Buy a Centipede Shield and get the following accessories for FREE:
* Two feet of 20 conductor ribbon cable
* Two sets of 20 pin IDC connectors
* Two Centipede Breakouts or two Centipede Breadboard Breakouts, your choice (specify in order comments)

Remember, you need to place your order Thursday through Saturday, Pacific Time, in order to qualify for the free items.

Thanks to our customers for a great year in 2010 and a great start to 2011! Send us your macetech LED projects and we'll be glad to post and link them here!

Submitted by Garrett on Wed, 01/12/2011 - 16:01.

OT: Go Pack!

OT: Go Pack!